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ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a language of high level programming developed by software company SAP. It is the main language used in product more known this company, the SAP R / 3, a software ERP. The ABAP has a syntax similar to COBOL.

The ABAP is a programming language within the category of programming language fourth generation developed in the 80s. It was originally conceived as a language for building reports for SAP R / 2 (the original meaning of ABAP is Allgemeiner Berichts Aufbereitungs Prozessor, which in German means generic processor for preparing reports). The original purpose of language was to be a programming tool simple enough to be used by end users. However, the ABAP is a language that requires advanced knowledge of programming and is mainly used by programmers who develop the SAP software and computer consultants to adapt the software to the needs of customers.

The ABAP is the main language used in client-server software SAP R / 3. In 1999, with version R / 3 4.5, SAP ABAP released a version that supports oriented programming objetos.

The latest version of the development platform of SAP NetWeaver, supports programming in ABAP and Java.

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