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Taxonomic Classification
Kingdom: Endogenous
Phylum: Algorithmic
Class: Conversational
Order: BASIC
Family: Modern Basics
Genus: Modern Basics
ID Code: 1112400
Other Data:
Developer: Jonathan Bennett & AutoIt Team
OS: Microsoft Windows
Genre: GUI; Utility
License: Freeware

Related Languages:
*BASIC (Influenced by)
*AutoIt 2 (Derivation of)

AutoIt is a freeware Microsoft Windows automation language. It is most commonly used to create automation scripts (sometimes called macros) for Microsoft Windows programs. Like other automation programs, AutoIt is best used for highly repetitive activities, such as rolling out a large number of PCs with identical installation instructions. It is an extremely flexible and easy to learn language. While it lacks features common to other languages (such as OOP and multi-threading), it is a serious contender to other scripting languages.

AutoIt's version 2.x source code once was available from its website. It's developed by a small team with and worldwide contributors. AutoIt has extensive support, including help files, examples, support forums, mailing list, editor files, and third-party utilities.

It is a BASIC-like scripting language. Features include the ability to:

  • Communicate via the TCP and UDP protocols in the beta release
  • Include files in the compiled file to be extracted when run
  • Make GUI interfaces, create message and input boxes.
  • Use COM (component object modelling) objects in the beta release.
  • Play sounds
  • Perform complicated mathematical calculations
  • Automate tasks, in ways such as sending key strokes, even to applications and controls.
  • Run console applications and access the standard streams.
  • Call functions in Win32 DLLs.

It is available for download along with other beta releases.

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Other uses[]

Although intended for general purpose scripting and GUI automation, its applications are broad. Once popular for "botting", which automates actions in a game (usually considered cheating or hacking). Use of AutoIt in this way is not supported (and frowned upon) by the AutoIt community.