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Bitwise is an online programming contest. The contest is time constrained and posed with difficult programming and algorithms challenges, to be solved in a short span of 12 hours.

Bitwise was started in the year 2001 by the 4th year undergraduate students of the CSE Department, Indian Institutes of Technology Kharagpur. The contest provides programmers across the globe a platform to compete, testing their ability to develop efficient algorithms to problems within a given time constraint. Over the last five years, the contest has become popular around the world. In Bitwise 2k7, over 2500 teams participated.

Bitwise 2k8 will be held on 10th February 2008. Registration is free and open to all. Contestants solve a set of problems posted on the site using C or C++. The solutions are evaluated, not only on the basis of correctness, but also on execution time and space complexity (FAQs).

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