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ExtenXLS created by Extentech Inc, is an all-Java Spreadsheet SDK that adds advanced spreadsheet capabilities to Java applications. ExtenXLS features automated handling of data mapped spreadsheets, and allows for the mapping of data from any source into spreadsheet templates. As data rows are inserted, formula references, chart series, named ranges, and formatting are all copied and updated so output contains live data, and template functionality is kept intact.

ExtenXLS provides Web 2.0 APIs. Java developers can implement powerful features such as spreadsheet versioning and distributed collaboration by calling a few simple Java methods. ExtenXLS allows users to publish and subscribe to spreadsheets from within Java applications using the GPL Web spreadsheet. ExtenXLS programs can allow for distributed collaboration, versioning, and access control.

ExtenXLS is written entirely in Java, and is compatible with any operating system running Java 1.4 or later. Other features include:

  • Create new WorkBooks from scratch
  • Insert new cells containing text, numeric data, formulas and dates.
  • Customize the output with hundreds of fonts, colors, patterns, borders, formulas, named ranges, and built-in formatting patterns such as: currency, date, financial and numeric.