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This page contains a list of compilers and interpreters for various languages.

Language: ActionScript[]

A free actionscript compiler that allows for the creation and publishing of a variety of different flash content types be it for web, pc, mac, and/or mobile deployments. Specifically for coding, there is no frontend interface for animations.
Pretty much the same as FlashDevelop except it costs money and is built on the eclipse framework.
Allows for the creation of vector and raster art timeline animations, also compiles actionscript for advanced interactions.

Language: BASIC[]

  • bwbasic
  • DoyleSoft Basic
    DoyleSoft Basic a free, open source BASIC scripting language and IDE for all versions of Windows. DoyleSoft BASIC is written in VB6. Source code also available for download.
  • FreeBASIC
  • glbcc
  • Gambas
  • GW Basic
  • hbasic
  • kbasic
  • scriptbasic
  • smallbasic
  • wxbasic
  • xbasic
  • x11basic
  • yabasic
  • Jabaco

Language: C[]

Language: C#[]

  • Microsoft Visual C# (Microsoft Visual Studio)
  • Mono

Language: C++[]

Language: Java[]

Language: Pascal[]

Free Pascal[]

  • Free Pascal
    The language syntax has excellent compatibility with TP 7.0 as well as with most versions of Delphi (classes, rtti, exceptions, ansistrings, widestrings, interfaces). A Mac Pascal compatibility mode is also provided to assist Apple users. Furthermore Free Pascal supports function overloading, operator overloading, global properties and other such features.

Turbo Pascal[]

  • Turbo Pascal

Language: Object Pascal[]


  • Delphi
    Formerly Borland/CodeGear Delphi now Embarcadero Delphi. Delphi is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool to help actively develop software compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The latest version is Delphi 2010 which perfectly supports the new touch gestures feature inside of Windows 7 for a much more interactive application experience and is excellent at handling databases with several pre-included components. If a piece of software is built with Delphi then you'll know it'll work seamlessly with most version of Windows.

Free Pascal[]

Language: Perl[]

  • Perl 5.10 source code
    This is distributed in a tar.gz file. There are various binary distributions for almost any system. Most linux distributions comes with perl. A well known distribution for Windows is Activestate's ActivePerl

Language: PHP[]

  • Some servers evaluate PHP files "on-the-fly" immediately after retrieving them.

Language: Python[]

Language: Ruby[]

  • ...
  • IronRuby

Language: Other[]