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Panoramic Language is a freeware procedural event driven BASIC programming language with very good commands for programming 2D computer graphics and 3D computer graphics with only few lines of code.

It was developed by the Nigerian Computer programmer, Bruno Oshiokpekhai and first released in 2007. The compiler produces executables for Windows only. There is also an IDE available for designing the forms.

The languages is constantly being improved partly through feedback from the French forum mainly.

An example of the code necessary to draw a 3D-sphere:

scene3d 1
3d_sphere 1,1

Properties of Panoramic Language:

  • freeware
  • intuitive syntax
  • compile stand-alone programs
  • include external files into executable
  • allows DLL function calls
  • procedural and event driven
  • can launch and send instructions to MS Excel
  • extensive 2D and 3D-programming
  • sprite collision detection
  • well-documented with many examples

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