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Parrot is a register-based virtual machine (similar to Java's JRE and the .NET Framework) that is underlying the new revision to Perl called Perl6. It already has support for Linux, Windows, BSD, Mac, and it hopes to extend itself to many other platforms.

With parrot you will should be able to write code a single library, such as a CGI interface, and that library should run on all supported languages. There is developers working on supporting JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and more. This hopefully means that the more then 15000 modules in CPAN will be availabe to small languages like Lua and even Lolcode which has parrot bindings and barely any code developed for it.

Parrot is register based which means it hopes to be a high performance virtual machine which hopefully will make it closer in speed to actual machine code. It needs to have good performance to run such an ambitious project as Perl6.

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