Command Index[edit | edit source]

Following is an alphabetized list of all commands used in QuickBASIC.

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A[edit | edit source]

ALIAS ASC Function
AND Operator ATN Function

B[edit | edit source]

BASE BLOAD Statement
BEEP Statement BSAVE Statement

C[edit | edit source]

CALL Statement CLS Statement
CALLS Statement COLOR Statement
CALL ABSOLUTE Statement COM Statement
CDBL Function CONST Statement
CDECL COS Function
CHAIN Statement CSNG Function
CHDIR Statement CSRLIN Function
CHR$ Function CVD Function
CINT Function CVDMBF Function
CIRCLE Statement CVI Function
CLEAR Statement CVL Function
CLNG Function CVS Function
CLOSE Statement CVSMBF Function

D[edit | edit source]

DATA Statement DEFINT Statement
Data Types DEFLNG Statement
DATE$ Function DEFSNG Statement
DATE$ Statement DEFSTR Statement
DECLARE (BASIC) Statement DIM Statement
DECLARE (Non-BASIC) Statement DO...LOOP Statement
DEF SEG Statement DRAW Statement
DEFDBL Statement $DYNAMIC Metacommand

E[edit | edit source]

 ELSE                               ERDEV Function
 ELSEIF                             ERDEV$ Function
 END Statement                      ERL Function
 ENDIF                              ERR Function
 ENVIRON Statement                  ERROR Statement
 ENVIRON$ Function                  EXIT Statement
 EOF Function                       EXP Function
 EQV Operator                       Expressions and Operators
 ERASE Statement

F[edit | edit source]

 FIELD Statement                    FOR...NEXT Statement
 FILEATTR Function                  FRE Function
 FILES Statement                    FREEFILE Function
 FIX Function                       FUNCTION Statement

G[edit | edit source]

 GET (File I/O) Statement           GOSUB Statement
 GET (Graphics) Statement           GOTO Statement

H[edit | edit source]

 HEX$ Function

I[edit | edit source]

 IF...THEN Statement                INPUT$ Function
 IMP Operator                       INSTR Function
 $INCLUDE Metacommand               INT Function
 INKEY$ Function                    INTEGER
 INP Function                       IOCTL Statement
 INPUT Statement                    IOCTL$ Function
 INPUT # Statement                  IS

K[edit | edit source]

 KEY Statement                      KILL Statement
 KEY(n) Statement

L[edit | edit source]

 LBOUND Function                    LOCATE Statement
 LCASE$ Function                    LOCK...UNLOCK Statements
 LEFT$ Function                     LOF Function
 LEN Function                       LOG Function
 LET Statement                      Logical Operator Truth Table
 LINE (Graphics) Statement          LONG
 LINE INPUT Statement               LOOP
 LINE INPUT # Statement             LPOS Function
 LIST                               LPRINT Statements
 LOC Function                       LSET Statement
 LOCAL                              LTRIM$ Function

M[edit | edit source]

 MID$ Function                      MKL$ Function
 MID$ Statement                     MKS$ Function
 MKD$ Function                      MKSMBF$ Function
 MKDIR Statement                    MOD
 MKDMBF$ Function                   Modules and Procedures
 MKI$ Function

N[edit | edit source]

 NAME Statement                     NOT Operator

O[edit | edit source]

 OCT$ Function                      ON UEVENT Statement
 OFF                                ON...GOSUB Statement
 ON                                 ON...GOTO Statement
 ON COM(n) Statement                OPEN (File I/O) Statement
 ON ERROR Statement                 OPEN COM Statement
 ON event Statements                Operator Precedence Rules
 ON KEY(n) Statement                OPTION BASE Statement
 ON PEN Statement                   OR Operator
 ON PLAY(n) Statement               OUT Statement
 ON STRIG(n) Statement              OUTPUT
 ON TIMER(n) Statement

P[edit | edit source]

 PAINT Statement                    POINT Function
 PALETTE Statements                 POKE Statement
 PCOPY Statement                    POS Function
 PEEK Function                      PRESET Statement
 PEN Function                       PRINT Statement
 PEN Statement                      PRINT USING Statement
 PLAY(n) Function                   PRINT # Statement
 PLAY (Music) Statement             PSET Statement
 PLAY (Event Trapping) Statements   PUT (File I/O) Statement
 PMAP Function                      PUT (Graphics) Statement

R[edit | edit source]

 RANDOM                             RETURN Statement
 RANDOMIZE Statement                RIGHT$ Function
 READ Statement                     RMDIR Statement
 REDIM Statement                    RND Function
 REM Statement                      RSET Statement
 RESET Statement                    RTRIM$ Function
 RESTORE Statement                  RUN Statement
 RESUME Statement

S[edit | edit source]

SADD Function SPC Function
SCREEN Function SQR Function
SCREEN Statement STATIC Statement
SEEK Function $STATIC Metacommand
SEEK Statement STEP
SELECT CASE Statement STICK Function
SETMEM Function STOP Statement
SGN Function STR$ Function
SHARED Statement STRIG Function
SHELL Statement STRIG Statements
SIN Function STRING$ Function
SINGLE SUB Statement
SLEEP Statement SWAP Statement
SOUND Statement SYSTEM Statement
SPACE$ Function

T[edit | edit source]

 TAB Function                       TIMER Statement
 TAN Function                       TO
 THEN                               TROFF Statement
 TIME$ Function                     TRON Statement
 TIME$ Statement                    TYPE Statement
 TIMER Function

U[edit | edit source]

 UBOUND Function                    UNLOCK Statement
 UCASE$ Function                    UNTIL
 UEVENT Statement                   USING

V[edit | edit source]

 VAL Function                       VARSEG Function
 Variable Scope Rules               VIEW (Graphics) Statement
 VARPTR Function                    VIEW (Text) Statement
 VARPTR$ Function

W[edit | edit source]

 WAIT Statement                     WINDOW Statement
 WEND                               WRITE (Screen I/O) Statement
 WHILE...WEND Statement             WRITE (File I/O) Statement
 WIDTH Statements

X[edit | edit source]

 XOR Operator
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