Programmer's Wiki

To put code in one of these cute boxes, you have to indent each line of wiki-text by one space:

 def function():
     print "hello"

Fortunately, cutting and pasting out of the cute box results in properly formatted Python code. To quickly format your code for cut-and-paste into the wiki on a Linux computer, you can use the sed command.

 $ sed -e 's/^/ /' <

This command adds a single space to the beginning of each line of your file. Since empty lines cause new boxes to be created, you'll probably want to adjust the output code to taste.

Easier Editing Externally[]

For even easier editing, you can use an external (read: sane) text editor. There are apparently [lots of ways]. I did the [] method, and it worked.

In vim, you can add a line to your vimrc that will add one space to any block of text that you highlight, if you press backslash-p.

:map <leader>p :!sed -e 's/^/ /'<CR>