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The Code Room is a half-hour long reality Game show produced by Microsoft. The show is hosted by Jessi Knapp, accompanied by an expert "Microsoft Presenter" (varies between shows depending on the project). In this show, a number of selected attendees of an MSDN Developer Event, must team up to complete a project (with given specifications) in the Code Room (typically an enclosed room with one or more desks, whiteboards, computers — with all required tools installed, — and other stationeries inside, but no Internet connection and contestants may not bring their own notes), typically using preselected Development environments which are relatively new for them (they had given a crash course before in a quick presentation), within a limited time.

The Code Room is filmed in an MSDN Developer Event, and aired in several Cable television stations, as well as several streaming television stations, like MSDN TV. Besides being aired, the show can also be watched (and downloaded) for free, and is included in several MSDN CD and DVDs.

Qualified teams (teams that were able to complete the project within given time) are eligible for some prizes, as well as eligible to be part of "Team Code FF". In the end of the series, two top "Team Code FF" teams (determined by their performance, as well as community rating) will compete in the Final Code Room challenge for the ultimate "Code Room Champion" title.


(Clicking the links will bring you to the MSDN TV's information page on the episode, where you could view the details and transcripts of the episode, and watch the episode itself)

  1. The Code Room: Pilot Episode, published December 9, 2004
  2. The Code Room: Building Mobile Apps and Bluetooth Enabled Kiosks, published May 19, 2005
  3. The Code Room: Breaking Into Vegas, published February 23, 2006

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